Your Taxi Stand provides a definitive collection of classy Jaguar cars based on the needs of our clients. Our Jaguar car collection is carefully selected to provide maximum luxury, unique VIP experience and the most comfy transports in and around Chennai.

Our luxury collection of Jaguar cars include:



The Jaguar XF gives off an inspiration that failure is definitely a stepping stone of Success. This car comes with an eight-speed capacity to provide that superfly feeling during trips. It serves a perfect ride for someone who wants to taste the Success befitting of a VIP.


  • Capacity (cc)- 1,999
  • Maximum power PS (kW)- 163 (120)
  • @ rev/min- 4,000
  • Maximum torque Nm (lb.ft.)- 380 (280)
  • @ rev/min- 1,750-2,500
  • Transmission- 6-Speed
  • Top speed km/h (mph)- 229 (142)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) seconds- 9.8 (9.3)


Jaguar XJ carries its huge weight of expectations exceptionally well. It comes with an interior which will give other cars placed at the top the luxurious chain a run for their money. With its exquisite blend of quality materials and luxe styling, it serves as an ideal choice for any event or cooperate meeting.


  • Capacity (cc)- 2,995
  • Maximum Power (hp)- 340
  • @ rpm- 6,500
  • Maximum torque (lb-ft)- 332
  • @ rpm- 3,500-5,000
  • Transmission- 8-speed automatic
  • Top Speed (mph)- 121
  • Acceleration 0-60mph (secs)- 5.7