It takes more than a beautiful car to provide a first class experience. We believe it takes a perfect blend of skilled people, backed up with leading edge IT and communications to provide you a unique brand of courteous, efficient service.

From our HQ at Chennai, Your Taxi Stand provides you a luxurious riding experience that is ideal for all kinds of Head of State Visits, business meetings, business events like financial road-shows and other VIP services. Our outclass cars deliver premium luxury, unbelievable comfort and a prestigious service around Chennai.

Our customers are of more importance to us that our super cars! Hence we provide our esteemed clients with a custom and comfortable ride you can fully enjoy. Make the most of your trips with our mind-blowing Professional car hire services. Our fleet of luxurious cabs which includes Benz, Jaguar, BMW and Audi will provide you with unique service and comfort befitting of a VIP.

Our Luxury Service Covers:


Heads of State Visits

Our professional drivers know what it takes to cater for high officials while ensuring premium courtesy and a relaxing ride. We only drive the best! Start off your visits right with our top of the shelve luxury rides.

Rs. 13,500/-*
Rs. 12,000/-*

VIP Delegation

Our luxury car hire is available for all of your VIP delegations. From business executives, CEOs and investors to other businessmen, we provide them with amazing rides tailored to their specific needs.

Rs. 12,000/-*
Rs. 10,000/-*

Events & Conferences

Looking for a grand entry for a particular event or conference without compromising on comfort? We have you covered! Our professional drivers arrive at your desired pickup destination before the agreed time while providing you the highest level of VIP service to ensure you are relaxed enough before that special event.

Rs. 7,500/-*


Travel Desks at Star Hotels

With this service, we provide you with the best travel solution around Chennai for the in-house guests of hotels. At present, we are running our travel desks in several reputed five-star hotels.

Rs. 14,000/-*


Your Taxi Stand provides you state-of-the-art cars for your special occasions, helping you add an extra touch of elegance to that glamorous day. No better way to make it a day to remember.

Rs. 8,000/-*

Chauffeur Driven Cars

Need a courteous chauffer? There is nothing to worry about! At Your Taxi Stand, our drivers are of the highest level of experience, they are ready to wait and will ensure you get to your desired destination on time without compromising on luxury service and your comfort.

Rs. 12,500/-*


Surprise party

Organizing a surprise party for that special someone? Provide them with a unique luxurious feel deserving of a VIP. Our luxurious service helps to show just how much you love and value that person in your life.

Rs. 2,500/-*

Long term Car Lease

We also provide long term luxurious car lease. With our flexible monthly payment plans, things have never been sweeter! You can use our app to sign up and get started.

Rs. 6,500/-*

City Tours

Need to ride your way through the amazing city of Chennai? Need everything to be perfect and charming? Well, we've got you! We're going to provide you with everything you hope for. Start your journey with the luxury of a chauffeured transfer. Let us put your mind to peace while you travel around the city!

Rs. 8,000/-*


Same day Chennai to Pondicherry Tours

We also provide you with premium Chennai to Pondicherry transfers, helping you enjoy your journey with the luxury of a chauffeured touch. Let us provide you with a luxurious same day journey!

Rs. 15,500/-*

Airport, Railway station pick up and drop

Our taxi drivers arrive at your pickup location before the arrival of your plane ready to take you to your desired location- be it your home or you are ready for your holiday. We monitor flight information so as to ensure that our drivers arrive at the airport on time and if your flight is delayed or earlier than expected, you will not be left stranded at the airport. You will be taken care of in a professional, friendly and courteous manner.

Rs. 5,500/-*

Our drivers provide the highest level of professionalism and will be waiting for you before time, so that you don't ever worry about showing up late! No rush, you're surely in for a presidential feel to wherever it is you wish to go. Tailored to your needs, we allow you pick out the vehicle of your choice- they are all comfy, classy and fancy!

Let our premium luxury transfer service drive you!