Economic People Mover

Are you looking so save cost but sting enjoy a level of luxury? Your Taxi Stand has you covered. Providing you with premium economic coaches, our economic people moving service in Chennai ensures that your guests enjoy a taste of luxury and comfort even on a minimum budget. YourTaxiStand, a reliable economic people mover company, provided the best experience for people looking forward to rent economic people mover vehicles.

Our economic people movers come in a sleek design which is well complemented by comfortable seaters and air conditioning and other amenities to provide you a relaxing feel during rides. We currently offer economic coaches which are ideal for transporting your executives to any type of event, function or road show while you save on cost.

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Our Economic Movers include:

Economic People Mover - Tempo Traveller

Tempo Traveller

This would be an ideal choice for a 10 to 12 people travelling group. The Air condition, Seats and other amenities combine to provide very comfortable ride, even for a long distance journey. This is pocket friendly and cheaper option to our luxury people moving service.

Economic People Mover - 21/25 Seater Mini bus

21/25 Seater Minibus

Though this is an economical air-conditioned coach, it is very comfortable with a very good Air Condition and Audio Video system. We have provided several large family tours and official tours being serviced in this.

Our economic people movers will help you save cost without compromising on the quality of transportation and entertainment your guests will enjoy. The service will provide you a relaxed ride on even the longest journeys. Finding an economic people mover is a difficult task in today's day and age as there are a lot of unreliable service provider. But, when you decide to rent an economic people mover, from the most reliable and confident economic people mover, YourTaxiStand, we take great detail to help you carry forth your task while we take care of the transport for you.