Why should I book a Taxi through YourTaxiStand?

Your Taxi Stand empowers the Customers.

  • YOU Choose the Vehicle
  • YOU Choose the Driver
  • YOU Choose the Fare

How does YourTaxiStand benefit me as a customer?

With Your Taxi Stand

  • Customer knows about the Vehicle, Driver and Fare before booking itself.
  •  Customer can choose any vehicle of his choice (New, Old etc).
  • Customer can view the feedback of the drivers before choosing a Vehicle
  • Customer gets Fares from multiple drivers and hence can choose the best Vehicle, Fare, Driver that suits them

How is YourTaxiStand different from other Taxi Operators?

At Your Taxi Stand

  • Customer gets bids from multiple Drivers
  • Customer can choose the Vehicle and Fare of  his choice
  • Customer can see the feedback of the Drivers before booking

Do I have to register to book a Trip?

Yes, you need to register with a valid Email ID and Phone

How can I book a Trip?

Customers can book a Trip from our website ( The process is as follows

  • Customer places a travel request by filling an online form
  • Drivers are notified of the trip details
  • Interested Drivers can provide a Tariff and place a bid
  • Customer is notified when bids are received from Drivers
  • Customer can login and view various bids, the tariff, driver details and vehicle details
  • Customer confirms a specific bid
  • Driver acknowledges
  • Trip is confirmed.
  • Customer and Driver details are shared via SMS and Email

Which Cities does YourTaxiStand Operate currently?

Currently we operate out of Chennai

Do you serve Outstation Trips?


How do you charge for Local Trips?

All Local Trips are categorized as Packages (1hr to 12hr package), with extra charges for Additional Hour and KM

How can I know the total distance of a Trip?

From the Odometer of the Vehicle

How can I use my existing credit balance, if any?

Any credit can be used against your trip tariff. But there is a limit on the maximum amount that can used for a trip

Are there any additional Charges?

No, you just need to pay the agreed upon Tariff

How should I pay the amount?

You need to pay the agreed upon Tariff to the driver, via Cash, after completion of the trip

How can I cancel a trip?

If you have not confirmed any bid received, the trip will get cancelled automatically
If you have confirmed a booking and got driver details, you can call the driver and notify the same

Are there cancellation charges?

No, there are not any cancellation charges. However try and avoid cancellation as the earnings of the driver are impacted