Rs. 80,000/-*
Rs. 60,000/-*



  • Day1
  • Athirapally

  • Day2
  • Alleyppey(Boat House)

  • Day3
  • Kochi(No Stay)

  • Day4
  • Munnar(Stay)

  • Day5
  • Munnar

    Luxury Car Complimentary


Rs. 70,000/-*
Rs. 55,000/-*


2 Nights 3 Days

  • Day1
  • Luxury Car+Luxury Stay+Breakfast +Lunch+Dinner=60,000


  • Day2
  • Sliver cascade Falls

    Thalaiyar Falls

    Pambar falls


Rs. 80,000/-*
Rs. 60,000/-*


3 Days 4 Nights

  • Day1
  • Botanical Garden.

    Ooty Lake

  • Day2
  • Needle View Hillpoint.

    Nilgiri Mountain Railway

    Rose Garden

  • Day3
  • Emerald Lake

    Wenlock Downs

    Kalhatti Falls

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